MasterEmaco S 740 - A shrinkage controlled concrete for all types of structural repairs


MasterEmaco S 740 is a ready to use mixture consisting of dry powders and selected aggregates specially formulated to produce shrinkage compensated, consistent, fluid concrete, requiring only the addition of potable water on site.

Where is MasterEmaco S 740 applied?

MasterEmaco S 740 is suitable for the following:

  • Structural repairs requiring high fluidity e.g. heavily congested steel
  • As a mass infill repair mortar for structural repairs where there is load bearing
  • Soffit repairs where heavy loadbearing is required
  • Repairs to restricted access areas, where use of hand applied mortars would prove impractical
  • Repairs to columns suffering from major loss of section

What are the advantages of MasterEmaco S 740?

  • User friendly – It is ready to use from the bag, suited to local conditions and easy to apply
  • Economical – If repairs are carried out correctly the first time it is very much more cost effective
  • Enhanced durability – works in tandem with extremely low permeability to prolong effective service life
  • Compatibility – Modulus of repair medium is compatible to that of host concrete
  • Contains 19mm aggregate to control shrinkage

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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MasterEmaco S 740 TDS

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