MasterFlow 885 - An iron fortified shrinkage compensated grout


MasterFlow 885 is a ready to use blend of carefully selected, graded siliceous and iron aggregates with special shrinkage compensating agents, Portland cement, for easy placement of pourable to exceptionally fluid grout by the addition of potable water.

Where is MasterFlow 885 applied?

MasterFlow 885 when mixed does not segregate or shrink and maintains critical contact to the underside of base plates of precision aligned dynamic equipment, thus ensuring proper stress transfer to supportive concrete. Its shrinkage compensation is achieved through the chemical pre-stress system of expansive cements: 

  • Structural Columns
  • Machine bases
  • Holding down bolts 
  • Dowel and starter bars
  • Bridge bearings
  • Underpinning and repairs
  • Filling cavities in concrete/ steel sections

What are the advantages of MasterFlow 885?

  • Excellent initial and retained fluidity
  • Cohesion and suspension of aggregates
  • Excellent strength development
  • Corrosion inhibition (non-chloride)

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MasterFlow 885 TDS

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