MasterGlenium 804

Hyperplasticizer with extended open time especially for underground construction works


MasterGlenium 804 is a new generation admixture based on modified polycarboxylic ether combined with the Delvocrete Hydration Control Stabilizer. Compared to traditional superplasticizers, MasterGlenium® 804 has a more powerful dispensing effect and is able to provide extended open times for wet mix sprayed concrete

Where is MasterGlenium 804 applied?

The excellent dispersing effect makes MasterGlenium 804 the ideal choice for wet mix sprayed concrete where high early and final strengths are required. 

MasterGlenium 804 is able to provide a reduction in water content of approximately 25% and still provide the required workability. 

This makes it ideal for: 

  • Temporary and final sprayed concrete linings 
  • Single shell linings
  • Concrete for underground works to meet the highest demands of usability and pumpability combined with strength and durability

What are the advantages of MasterGlenium 804?

  • Allows for high workable concrete at the lowest w/c ratio – without segregation and bleeding
  • Provides extended open time to allow transportation and placing of the sprayed concrete, even hours after batching
  • Provides improved pumpability due to increased cohesion in the concrete mix
  • Provides reduced wear and tear on the pump
  • Greater durability from improved mechanical properties in the concrete
  • High early and final strengths
  • Reduced permeability due to lower water/cement ratio

Product Information

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MasterGlenium 804 TDS

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