MasterKure 181 White - A pliolite Resin based liquid membrane forming curing compound for concrete 

Formerly Masterkure 181 White


MasterKure 181 White is a free flowing pliolite resin based liquid that is applied to concrete surfaces following the final finishing operation or the stripping of forms. 

Where is MasterKure 181 applied?

  • MasterKure 181 White adheres to damp concrete, seals in the moisture necessary for curing and hardening the surface, and remains as an effective film to protect the concrete surface from damage
  • MasterKure 181 White is a combination curing, sealing, hardening and dust proofing treatment for concrete

What are the advantages of MasterKure 181?

  • MasterKure 181 White will not impair the bond of adhesive used for installing overlayment such as linoleum or tile. 
  • MasterKure 181 White is for use where reflectance of sun is important. More often on roadways, exterior paved areas, etc., where reduction of surface temperature is an important criterion along with moisture retention.
  • Reduced surface temperature by some 7°C can be measured in hot weather when MasterKure 181 White is applied. 
  • Light reflectance is often valuable in tunnel interiors, overpasses and bridges

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MasterKure 181 White TDS

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