MasterPolyheed 3839 - A workability-retaining admixture


MasterPolyheed 3839 admixture is a evolutionary new technology based on significant advances in admixture chemistry.

MasterPolyheed 3839 admixture is used as part of an admixture system to provide customized admixture solutions for a wide range of concrete applications. 

MasterPolyheed 3839 admixture is a workability- retaining admixture that provides flexible degrees of slump retention without retardation. 

MasterPolyheed 3839 admixture provides the concrete producer with the ability to immediately create the optimal admixture system for changing and fluctuating regional raw materials, environmental conditions and project requirements. 

MasterPolyheed 3839 admixture gives the concrete producer the ability to consistently produce and deliver quality concrete mixtures. 

MasterPolyheed 3839 admixture meets the interim requirements of ASTM C 494/C 494M Type S, Specific Performance, admixtures

Where is MasterPolyheed 3839 applied?

MasterPolyheed 3839 is recommended for use in:

  • Concrete with varying slump requirements 
  • Concrete mixes utilizing supplementary cementitious materials
  • Concrete where high flowability, increased stability and durability are needed 
  • Ready-mix and pre-cast concrete Production of self-consolidating concrete in (SCC) mixtures.

What are the advantages of MasterPolyheed 3839?

MasterPolyheed 3839 offers the following benefits: 

  • Promotes greater consistency of concrete workability at the jobsite
  • Promotes consistency in compressive strengths via minimized jobsite addition of water 
  • Minimizes re-dosing of high-range waterreducing admixture at the job site 
  • Consistent air-entrainment 
  • Fewer rejected loads and better customer satisfaction due to consistent quality of concrete 
  • Faster truck turn-around time
  • Expanded concrete delivery range

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MasterPolyheed 3839 TDS

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