MasterPozzolith 600R - Universal Retarder

Formerly Pozzolith 600R


MasterPozzolith 600R is an inorganic based multi- dosage chemical admixture for controlled retardation of concrete. MasterPozzolith 600R is a golden liquid with a neutral oil odour.

Where is MasterPozzolith 600R applied?

  • To retain slump retention in all possible circumstances
  • Particularly effective for sliding shutter methods of construction, mass pours such as bridges and dams and rollcrete, where proper compaction is vital.

What are the advantages of MasterPozzolith 600R?

Concrete designed with MasterPozzolith 600R exhibits the following features:

  • Reliable Method for concrete set time modification
  • Flexibility from mild retardation, (minutes) to extended retardation, (days)
  • MasterPozzolith 600R shifts both the initial and final sets of any particular mix by approximate equal periods
  • MasterPozzolith 600R does not offer any water reduction and does not entrain air

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MasterPozzolith 600R TDS

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