MasterSeal 380 - Solvent based silane siloxane primer and penetrative water repellent protective treatment for concrete and masonry

Formerly Masterseal 380


An optimum concentration of reactive hydrophobic silane-siloxane in a hydrocarbon solvent carrier. MasterSeal 380 provides a protective impregnating treatment. MasterSeal 380 works by penetrating into the pores of concrete and reacting there with the moisture / water vapour present to form a hydrophobic polysiloxane lining to the capillaries. 

Where is MasterSeal 380 applied?

Surface applied protection for in situ and precast concrete to prevent ingress of water and water borne salts.  Reducing efflorescence in masonry structures. 

What are the advantages of MasterSeal 380?

  • Prevent ingress of water borne chlorides and sulphates
  • Water vapour permeability unaffected; allows concrete to breathe
  • Excellent penetrative / reactive action
  • Integral protection, cannot peel off or erode
  • Protects surfaces from discoloration and pollution
  • Excellent water repellent characteristics
  • Easy to use, cost effective
  • Simple spray application
  • Single component, no mixing
  • No change in surface texture or appearance subject to satisfactory field trials
  • Compatible with solvented surface coatings

Product Information

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MasterSeal 380 TDS

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