MasterSeal 720 - A general purpose polysulphide joint sealant

Formerly Masterflex 720


A two component sealing compound based on polysulphide polymers blended with fillers and chemical curing agents, which cure after mixing to form a durable rubber like seal.

Where is MasterSeal 720 applied?

Typical applications include joints in curtain walls, floor and wall expansion joints, between precast units. MasterSeal 720 is NOT recommended for use as a joint sealant in industrial flooring applications subject to wheeled traffic. 

In these instances use MasterSeal 310 / 320 / 480 depending upon requirements of the floor and expected traffic.

What are the advantages of MasterSeal 720?

This sealant is highly elastic and is able to withstand continuous extension and recovery. It may be used with most common building materials such as concrete, plaster, brick and stone. 

It exhibits superior resistance to many common chemicals fuel oils and solvents, ultra violet light and ozone, making it suitable for exterior use, and for use where the sealant is subjected to contact with chemicals solvents and oils. MasterSeal 720 complies with selected requirements of SABS 110.

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MasterSeal 720 TDS

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