​​MasterFlex J Seal - A high performance expansion joint system​


The Masterflex J Seal expansion joint system comprises a neoprene profile which is fixed in position with a two part epoxy adhesive type MasterBrace ADH 2200 (Concresive 2200). 

The profile is occasionally bonded to Wabo Crete II nosings but may also be fixed directly to suitable concrete or steel substrates. A profile glue is used for all neoprene to neoprene bonding.

Where is ​MasterFlex J Sealapplied?

Masterflex J Seal expansion joint systems are versatile and simple, enabling effective sealing in a wide range of applications including road bridges, car park structures, commercial buildings, stadia and water management structures. Masterflex J Seal expansion joint systems will accommodate movements up to 100%. 

What are the advantages of ​MasterFlex J Seal?

  • Reliable and durable
    • Wabo Crete II polyurethane mortars nosings with proven reliability
  • Versatile performance
    • Can accommodate 100% movement
    • Differential, rotational and shear movement accommodated
    • Wide range of profiles to meet different gap and movement requirements
    • Fabricated on site to suit site conditions 
  • Environmentally friendly 
    • Cold applied system ​

Product Information 

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