Heavy Duty Polyurethane Primer for UCRETE Flooring Systems


Ucrete Primer SC is a low viscosity solvent free primer based upon the UCRETE® heavy duty polyurethane resin binder system.
UCRETE® PRIMER SC is not a finished floor and must be overlaid by the appropriate UCRETE® floor finish.

Where is UCRETE PRIMER SC applied?

UCRETE® PRIMER SC is applied to suitably prepared cementitious substrates to reduce porosity and air release prior to the application of trowel grades of UCRETE® Industrial Flooring.
UCRETE® PRIMER SC should be used under all UCRETE® trowel grades whenever aesthetics and hygiene are important.
Note: For UCRETE® MF and UCRETE® MFAS floors, apply a scratchcoat of UCRETE® MF as primer.

What are the advantages of UCRETE PRIMER SC? 

- Expert installation by fully trained licensed applicators.
- Suitable for application on to 7 day old concrete and 3 day old polymer screeds.
- Allows application of suitable UCRETE® flooring systems after approximately 12 hours at 20°C.
- High temperature resistance for floors in extreme environments.

Product Information:

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Ucrete Primer SC

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